Needle Carb Fuel Mapper™

Dellorto Assembly Area Help

This is where you assemble the needles and atomisers that you wish to work with.
Up to 7 atomisers & 28 needles.

Using the QUICK MENU: 'copy' and 'paste-values' icons
... you 'copy' & 'paste-values' your selected needles and atomisers to the assembly area
... then 'copy' that assembled data, switch to Carb-Data, and 'paste-values' into your chosen carb slot.

Needle Data

To the extreme left, and scroll below... all the needle data is supplied.
Where needles possess a 'funky point', this is subtracted from the needle & taper length (median 0.5mm)

'Land Length D' is calculated

Assembling a group of needles

Look at the needle data - Tip Diameter & Land Length are good first indicators for needle grouping.

Drag the mouse across any needles that interest you - 'copy & paste-values' into the assembly area.

Assembling a group of Atomisers (Needle Jets)

Look at the atomiser data.
The different atomiser types produce different fuel flow effects that cannot be mathematically predicted - testing is required.

Therefore the Needle Carb Fuel Mapper™ only reads the atomiser ring diameter... make your own notes on atomiser types.

Transfer to 'Carb-Data' Tab

Copy an assembled area... click on the 'Carb-Data' tab at the bottom... and 'paste-values' the data into the appropriate area.
In the 'Tuning Notes' area, you can add the Atomiser designation.

Confirming Dimensions

Where dimensions have not been confirmed
... with a vernier gauge, dimensions X & NG can be quickly measured.

Measure X from the bottom of the circlip on Notch 1 to the needle tip... then deduct 0.5mm for the 'Funky Point'
Measure Z from the bottom of the circlip on Notch 2 to the needle tip NG = Z - X

Videos have been produced detailing the measurement methods.
Please email us any confirmed measurements that you make.