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Carburettor Tuning For Performance - video series

What is the truth behind carburettor tuning?
Can this 'black art' be quickly learned?

Watch the video series, and discover the truth

Carburetor Tuning For Performance - Part 1 - The Challenge

Needle Carb Fuel Mapper™ Tutorials

A '1st Usage' video is undergoing completion.
For the time being... here is an older video that was not intended for general viewing.
It is an unedited talkthrough of an earlier release for a small group of users.
However, it does show how to install & use the Needle Carb Fuel Mapper™

Installing & Using the Needle Carb Fuel Mapper™

3 other videos are currently available:

Measure The Carburettor

Measure The Needle Tip (Mikuni)

See combustion as it happens - Optical Engine Tuner™

Other News

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Engine Building Tips

Over the decades, I have accumulated a great deal of engine experience.

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